From 2000 - 2002 I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I served in the Great Kentucky Louisville Mission, Spanish speaking. I had a wonderful experience. At the time, I made caricatures of people around me (mostly other missionaries). And now I'm archiving them, with a little help from photoshop. Being a few years older and wiser too (relatively speaking) I hope to show a little more goodwill and optimism than I may have shown in Kentucky. So if anyone notices a difference, consider this an apology.

Above is a drawing of the First Vision.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Name Tag

This is one of my first missionary drawings. Missionaries represent Jesus Christ, or in my Spanish-speaking case, Jesu Cristo, which is a very big calling. If you look close, you will see that I accidentaly spanglished the name tag, it says "Iglesia of" instead of "Iglesia de." Mistakes included, my mission was the best thing I'd ever done.

In the Missionary Training Center

I didn't draw a whole lot in the Missionary Training Center, but I did find this doodle. The far right is a profile of my first missionary companion, Elder Ruby

Elder Partridge

I wish I could do more caricatures with fewer lines. This is a pretty sharp caricature of Elder Partridge. We served in Huntingburg. He was one of the nicest people you could meet.

Elder Kidder

Elder Kidder was one of the funniest people I've ever met. He served in the English speaking area when I was first starting out in Lexington, then later we served in Huntingburg, Indiana.

In Lexington

I'm not really sure what this drawing was about. But there's Elder Whiting reading his mail, and me wishing I had some mail from home too. Although, I do have some nice muscles going on. Anyway, I like this drawing quite a bit because it actually has some background in it, the missionary apartment in Lexington.

Elder Knight

Elder Knight and I served in Louisville together. I think for just one transfer, nice guy though.

President Cannon

President Cannon was the mission president when I arrived in Kentucky, in the middle of winter, and most of my 2 years there. He was a very encouraging president and I owe much of my good experience to him and Sis. Cannon.

Elder Lloyd

This is not a very sharp caricature at all, but I like it anyway. Elder Lloyd was a great missionary to serve with, and he trained Elder Tanner, who I also got to serve with.

Elder ("AP") Johnson

Elder Johnson, his nickname was AP Johnson, was technically assigned to serve with me, but being an assistant to the president, he was out of town most of the time. Nice guy though.

Elder Moore

We only served together for a little while, but Elder Moore was very fluent in Spanish and a natural leader.

Elder Kaufman

I served with Elder Kaufman quite a bit back on the mish'. Good times.

Elder Burggraaf

I served with Elder Burggraaf in Shelbyville, Kentucky. And he went on to law school, like me. Back in KY, we met a guy with a real bible name, "First Corinthians." Maybe the guy was kidding, but funny either way.

Elder Smith

Elder Smith arrived right at the end of my mission. But I remember having a great last transfer with him.

Elder Whiting

This is a very sharp caricature of Elder Whiting. So he's a good sport. Elder whiting is also an artist, but I think he's actually going to school for it.

Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner ended up as a Spanish speaking missionary, and served as the Spanish Zone Leader. And he did a great job. He was from Arkansas, and though he didn't have a hick accent, he sure could fake one.

Elder Berky

Elder Berky was known as the "Car Czar." I was at the mission office same time as the Berky's, and they were good friends. This is one of my favorite caricatures ever. Glad I made a digital copy of it.

Elder Price

I was in New Albany, Indiana, for one of my areas and served with Elder Price. Here's a funny story I wrote home about:
We met a guy on the street who had a nose ring in his nose who explained it was the right of passage among his Irish ancestral tribe. He also said if felt "like being punched in the face." So I said, "at least you're not Cherokee- they had the sun dance." He gives me this serious look and says "Actually, I'm part Cherokee too." and he pulls up his shirt to to show me the wounds from the hooks. "I'm a man now" he said.
As I recall, he wasn't interested in learning about the Book of Mormon. Elder Price was an artist himself, and he drew the drawing below. He's on the left, I'm on the right.

President Packard

President Packard served as the mission president, and he was the second president that I met there. The quote about Egypt was a phrase he used, at least once, to refer to his arrival in the field. Although he was a lot nicer than any pharaoh you'll read about in the bible.

Elder Riedhead

I served with Elder Reidhead lots of times, but this is one of the better drawings of him. He always said he wanted to be a specific kind of maxillo-something dentist/surgeon, and he's on track for that now. He spoke excellent Spanish and got along with just about everybody.